Francis Horstmann
  • Ploughing -

    Watercolour, 12 by 18 ins
  • Summer -

    Original artwork for a mural

    Watercolour, 19 by 9 ins

  • The mill at Weston -
    Price on request

    Dated 1938

    Watercolour, 38 by 28 cm

  • London mural -
    Price on request

    Watercolour over pencil
  • Ionic Order -

    Titled as part of design

    Watercolour and gouache

  • Creations des modes -
    Price on request

    Original artwork for a fashion design


  • Design for a flower shop -
    Price on request

    Inscribed with lettering for advertisement


  • Original design for the artist's Christmas Card -

    Inscribed with Christmas greetings

    Pen and red ink, 23 by 17 cm

    The original design for a Christmas Card from Horstmann's time as head of design at Glasgow School of Art in the late 1940s. In both the image and the manner of the lettering, Horstmann shows the strong influence of the distinctive style of design associated with Glasgow.

  • A sheet of lettering samples -

    Four designs assembled by the artist on one sheet

    Gouache, 33  by 21 cm (sheet size)

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