James Boswell
  • Windswept day along the beach at Brighton -
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    Signed and dated l.l.: Boswell/55

    Oil on board, 62 by 77 cm


    James Boswell was described by William Feaver in 1978 as “one of the finest English graphic artists of this century”. A committed Marxist he graduated from the Royal College of Art in the early 1930s becoming a founding member of the Artist’s International Association, as well as working as a brilliant satirist in the manner of George Grosz and an early voice against the spectre of fascism. After the War during which he executed some of his most extraordinary work depicting life with the desert army, he served as art editor of Liliput and editor of the Sainsbury’s House magazine. For a period in the 1950s Boswell lived in Brighton. Here he developed a strong and original figurative style of which the present work is a particularly fine example. I am grateful to Ruth Boswell and Sal Shuel for their assistance in researching this painting.

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