Josef Herman
  • Studies of figures for Ipi Tombi -

    Watercolour and gouache, 25 by 20 cm (10 by 8 ins)
    Provenance: a wedding gift from the artist to the previous owner
    The 1974 musical, Ipi Tombi, was a corruption of the Zulu phrase iphi intombi, which translates roughly as "Where is the girl". Created by the South African writers Bertha Egnos Godfrey and her daughter Gail Lakier, Ipi Tombi tells the story of a young black man leaving his village and young wife to work in the mines of Johannesburg. Originally called The Warrior, the work is a skillfull assimilation of native South African forms.into the structure of a musical. The work enjoyed much success both in South Africa and Europe. Herman designed costumes for a British production of the work.
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