Norman Garstin
  • Study for Breton Parade -
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    Watercolour and gouache, 6 1/2 by 8 ins (16.5 by 20 cm)

    Provenance: Alethea Garstin; thence by descent


    Garstin wrote of the circumstance of the present picture?s execution in a letter to his daughter, Alethea: ?Just as we arrived the procession started, all peasants, some men and women carrying banners, and a few little red acolytes attending a priest in a yellow cape ... it was all wonderfully pictorial. Then they filed back again ... and came to the back of the church, where there was a great pile of brush wood. The people stood in a circle and the yellow robed priest set fire to the great pile ... the effect was really delightful and pagan? . I stood on a cart and made a scribble."


    It is likely that this drawing is the work referred to in the letter. It was later worked up into a finished oil painting of the subject, Breton Parade, that was exhibited at the Royal Academy in the following year (1913).


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